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Volunteer Inquiry


If you are interested in volunteering for mommaspeaks4me and would like further information please send the information below to us by email.


Thank you for considering volunteering for us. When we receive your information, we can arrange an informal get-together, to discuss a suitable role, hours and any volunteer support needed.




Email us at:




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MyAutismTeam is the social network for parents with children that have Autism. Click on the link below to join the Mommaspeaks4me team and discussion. You will need to sign up, and register with the site, but it is FREE! Come join us. 

I am using MyAutismTeam to connect with other parents in) Autism community and to share my experiences (with therapies, providers, schools, fun activities). I thought you would also find this site useful. The experiences of thousands of parents like us give rise to more shared knowledge.